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Improve the ventilation in your home with Enviro - Biotics from BetterAir

Let’s Face It – Bad Bacteria Live Everywhere! Allergens, mold and other microbial creatures live and grow on and inside surfaces including beds, games, cell phones, kids toys and kitchen handles. Create a healthy indoor environment for you and your family today by installing an Air Purifier.

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Biodify With Cartridge

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The BetterAir Biodify is the world’s first probiotic air, surface, and object purifier providing a safe, all -natural solution to curbing harmful indoor contaminants and allergens. Patented and design technology harnesses the power of Environmental Probiotics to bring balance and health into indoor environments. This compact plug & play portable unit covers up to 800 square feet. Call us today for pricing on your own system!


The solution for larger residential spaces up to 5,000 sq. ft. Highly effective in removing odors caused by microbial contamination such as mold. Custom pre-programming to fit your space. Fast, simple and affordable installation. Call us today for pricing on your own system!

BetterAir protects larger spaces by directly tapping into existing HVAC systems. Installation is fast, simple and affordable.

The power of Enviro – Biotics™ in your home

What Does it Do?

We make it easy to safeguard indoor environments from harmful irritants and pollutants by leveraging the power of Enviro-Biotics™; comprised of water and Bacillus ferment. Our patented technology works on a microscopic level and repetitively releases billions of micron-sized Enviro-Biotics™ to clean the air and purify surfaces and objects; resulting in a healthy microbiome.

Clean Ventilation Systems

How does it work?

BetterAir purification systems directly tap into existing air ducts and are designed to automatically release Enviro-Biotics™ into the air, which are recarried by air flow throughout the indoor space. The Enviro-Biotics™ land on surfaces and penetrate hard to reach objects such as keyboards, carpets, toys, linens, door handles and much more.

What makes these systems different than others?

These systems not only improve indoor air quality, but also prolong the cleanliness of indoor surfaces. The Enviro-Biotics™ settle on surfaces and devour the food available to harmful bacteria like dust mite excrement, pollen, pet dander and shed skin cells. With fewer irritants on surfaces, less are emitted into the air thus providing fresher and cleaner air.

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