Is Your Garbage Disposal Running Correctly?

Dave Judd on Oct 10, 2016

If you are inspecting your garbage disposal, the first thing to check is the sound. Simply turn on your disposal and listen for a few seconds. A properly running disposal will have a clear, uncluttered sound, while a rusty disposal will have more of a crunchy sound. If the disposal suddenly stops or jams, then there’s a bigger issue.

On the bottom of the center of all InSinkeRator┬« disposals, there’s a reset button. There’s also a small hole for the reset wrench, which comes with all disposals of this brand, where you can un-jam the mechanism.

You can avoid disposal malfunctions by only disposing of proper foods. Fibrous foods, like celery, is not a good idea. You should also never overload the disposal with a large amount of food.

For more information, view our Helpful Hints video:

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