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Category: Toilets

Why is there a bad smell when I flush my toilet?

One question we get a lot is “Why is there a bad smell when I flush my toilet?” There are a number of issues that could cause a bad smell when you flush your toilet. The following are the most common of these issues: Damaged Wax Sealing Ring You have a wax seal ring beneath…

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Why Do I Always Have to Flush My Toilet Twice?

Do you have a toilet in your home that seems to always require two flushes? This is not only annoying, but it also wastes water. Probably more than you realize. But before we can explain why this is happening, we need to discuss how a toilet works. How a toilet works Most toilets use pretty…

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“NO!  I don’t want a bidet”. (Maybe you do…)

We operate a high end showroom.  And yes, we sell bidets.  I’ve known about them since I first began selling plumbing fixtures decades ago, but I hadn’t ever been a fan.  This was not out of experience in using one, but rather, from lack of knowledge. For years we touted the advantages of owning a…

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