5 Things to Remember Before Starting a Plumbing Remodel

By Tom Hall on May 22, 2019

Ah, the lovely spring weather makes people’s minds turn to thoughts of home improvements. If there is a plumbing remodel in your future, there are a few things to keep in mind. A little advance planning can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

1. Create a Budget

Everything that you want to do presumes that you have the money to pay for it. As such, the first item…

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5 Ways to Test Your Sump Pump This Spring

By Tom Hall on Mar 27, 2019

Ready for a wet spring? To protect your home, your sump pump should be prepared for action. Now is the perfect time to confirm that your sump pump is in great condition. Here’s what you can do.

1. Inspect the Pump and Drain

It’s all too easy for your sump pump to get dirty or clogged. This is even more true for the pipe that drains the water away from your home. The…

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5 Tips to Avoid a Flooded Basement This Spring

By Tom Hall on Feb 25, 2019

Avoid a Flooded Basement

As this brutal winter finally starts to pass by, all of us look forward to the coming thaw. Of course, the last thing anybody wants is for all that melting snow to come rushing into the basement! Try these 5 tips to avoid a flooded basement to help ensure that those spring showers go to the right place.

1. Test Your Sump Pump Early

The point of a sump…

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4 Top Water Heater Maintenance Tips

By Tom Hall on Jan 22, 2019

Like many essential appliances, we don’t always think about our water heater – until it stops working. Thankfully there are ways to avoid these kinds of unexpected issues! By remembering these 4 top water heater maintenance tips you can prevent many water heater-related emergencies.

Adjust the Temperature

The default temperature for most water heaters is 140°. However, according the Department of Energy, 120° is the most efficient temperature for your water heater. By lowering…

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4 Reasons to Invest Your Tax Refund in Your Home

By Tom Hall on Apr 02, 2018

Invest Your Tax Refund in Your Home

Once that tax refund drops into your bank account, you might be drooling at the thought of what you could do with it. If you follow these tips, you’ll understand why using that money to invest in your home is the ideal choice.


1. Home Upgrades Increase Resale Value

Every time you complete a home improvement, you are making an investment in your future resale value….

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Clogged Bathroom Sink? Here are 4 Steps to Get the Water Flowing

By Tom Hall on Nov 20, 2017

Clogged Bathroom Sink

A clogged bathroom sink is such a drag, but you don’t have to be stuck with it forever. Turn off the water supply for the sink and put on your gloves, before you try these DIY clog-busting tips.

1. Clean the Stopper

Starting with the sink stopper may save you a lot of hassle and time. Unscrew the stopper or pull it out, depending on the type you have. Clean…

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3 Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

By Tom Hall on Oct 26, 2017

When you wake up on a crisp morning, you might be tempted to wrap up in a warm blanket from the cool air. Your pipes are another part of your home that could also use some protection. If they freeze, they could burst and cause expensive damage to your home.

If you keep the heat on and make sure that your pipes are kept away from the cold, you can avoid a…

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Fall Plumbing and Heating Checklist

By Tom Hall on Aug 16, 2017

plumbing and heating

It’s hard to believe it, but fall is almost here! To help prepare your home for the colder months ahead, we created a Fall Plumbing & Heating Checklist. This checklist covers plumbing and heating tasks you can do this fall that will help you conserve energy, protect your home from a potential plumbing emergency, and save money throughout the rest of the year.

Click on the checklist…

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It’s Sweet Corn Season! Learn What Can’t Go Down the Garbage Disposal

By Tom Hall on Jul 19, 2017

What Can't Go Down the Garbage Disposal

Live on a farm? Great! Save food scraps for the animals. Live in town? Unfortunately, it’s not good practice to magically make your corn shucks disappear down the disposal. Few people realize that ideally, you should only dispose of things you can chew in the disposal. So what can’t go down the garbage disposal?

There are actually some things that you should never put in the…

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Why is there a bad smell when I flush my toilet?

By Tom Hall on Jun 28, 2017

bad smell when I flush my toilet

One question we get a lot is “Why is there a bad smell when I flush my toilet?” There are a number of issues that could cause a bad smell when you flush your toilet. The following are the most common of these issues:

Damaged Wax Sealing Ring

You have a wax seal ring beneath your toilet that keeps in the sewer gas that is displaced every…

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