It’s Sweet Corn Season! Learn What Can’t Go Down the Garbage Disposal

By Tom Hall on Jul 19, 2017

What Can't Go Down the Garbage Disposal

Live on a farm? Great! Save food scraps for the animals. Live in town? Unfortunately, it’s not good practice to magically make your corn shucks disappear down the disposal. Few people realize that ideally, you should only dispose of things you can chew in the disposal. So what can’t go down the garbage disposal?

There are actually some things that you should never put in the…

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Is Your Garbage Disposal Running Correctly?

By Dave Judd on Oct 10, 2016

If you are inspecting your garbage disposal, the first thing to check is the sound. Simply turn on your disposal and listen for a few seconds. A properly running disposal will have a clear, uncluttered sound, while a rusty disposal will have more of a crunchy sound. If the disposal suddenly stops or jams, then there’s a bigger issue.

On the bottom of the center of all InSinkeRator® disposals, there’s a reset button. There’s also a small hole for the…

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What NOT to put in a garbage disposal

By Dave Judd on Nov 16, 2015

Make a “water sandwich” by turning on the water for a few seconds, then activate the disposal, run the water for at least ten seconds after turning off the appliance.  This will help ensure all waste makes it to the street.

Avoid stringy and fibrous matter, especially celery, corn silk,  and like foods.  It’s not a garbage can so filtered cigarettes qualify as forbidden items as well.  Don’t laugh, we’ve had to remedy this.

Here are some quotes from other plumber…

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