Benefits of a Central Air Conditioner

By Tom Hall on Apr 29, 2019

With warmer weather right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to cool your home this summer. Whether you have window AC units or no air conditioning at all, switching to central air may be the best choice for you! Here are the top benefits of a central air conditioner.

Whole-home Comfort

Unlike window units, a central air conditioner provides cooling to every room…

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How to Tell if You Need Air Conditioning Repair

By Tom Hall on Aug 31, 2018

Man in Need of Air Conditioning Repair

Though some signs you need air conditioning repair are fairly obvious (like your AC just straight not working), others may be more subtle and harder to detect. Here is how to tell if you need air conditioning repair (and some ways you can avoid it!).

When should I call or schedule service for air conditioning repair? 

There are a number of clues that could indicate a…

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Top 7 Reasons to Buy an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

By Tom Hall on Aug 14, 2018

energy efficient air conditioner

When purchasing an air conditioner, it’s important to consider the energy efficiency of your new unit. While most newer air conditioners are more energy efficient than their older counterparts, you’ll find that some are more efficient than others.

The energy efficiency of an air conditioner is indicated by it’s SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). If an AC has a SEER rating of more than 14, it…

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4 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

By Tom Hall on Jun 07, 2018

In Need of New Air Conditioner
Many homeowners wait until their air conditioner breaks before investing in a new one. However, there are many benefits to investing in a new air conditioner before your old one breaks. The question still remains: how do you know when it’s time to invest in a new AC unit?

Here are 4 signs you need a new air conditioner:

High Energy Bills

When you begin to see a…

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