Pet Odors SOLVED!

By Dave Judd on May 04, 2016

Recently, I leased a rental property to tenants from hell. By the time I realized the property was not being treated well, significant damage was already done. Unbeknownst to me they had brought in four dogs, four ferrets, and miscellaneous birds and cats. When I finally got my property back I found not only bug


Towel Warmers – You don’t have to be the President’s spouse…

By Dave Judd on Apr 21, 2016

Jackie Kennedy once gave a television tour of a home she had remodeled, and was proud of an item I had never before seen. She had Towel Warmers in her bathrooms. Really? My thinking at the time was “how well-off must you be, to have or to need something like this?” It was years later


Why Wi-Fi? ADVANTAGES of a wi-fi thermostat vs. a programmable ‘stat

By Dave Judd on Feb 24, 2016

Your schedule changes every day. Why shouldn’t your thermostat be just as flexible to accommodate that? If you’re coming home from work earlier than expected, the ability to change your thermostat settings from across town is just a simple touch on your phone.  If you’re feeling hot or cold but don’t want to leave the


Natural drain cleaners

By Dave Judd on Jan 25, 2016

Why use a natural drain cleaner? If you’ve ever used crystal draino or another caustic drain-unclogging product, you probably know how dangerous, toxic, and unfriendly these products are to our environment. None of us intentionally wants to harm our planet, and we all want to enjoy a healthy environment in our homes. Fortunately there are


Do I need to buy a home warranty?

By Dave Judd on Jan 12, 2016

A recent survey stated that 2/3 of home buyers report the failure of two major items in their home within the first year of ownership.  This fact creates a slam dunk for companies offering home buyers a homeowner protection policy.  Typically purchased by the seller, home warranties offer the buyer ‘peace of mind’ protection for


Tankless Water Heaters

By Dave Judd on Jan 08, 2016

Advantages of a tankless water heater: No hot water storage tank.  That means no standby heat loss when hot water is not being used.  Navien is our brand of choice in tankless units.  According to Navien, a savings of $160 per year is average when using their tankless unit vs. keeping a tank full of


Why Do I Always Have to Flush My Toilet Twice?

By Dave Judd on Nov 16, 2015

Do you have a toilet in your home that seems to always require two flushes? This is not only annoying, but it also wastes water. Probably more than you realize. But before we can explain why this is happening, we need to discuss how a toilet works. How a toilet works Most toilets use pretty


What NOT to put in a garbage disposal

By Dave Judd on Nov 16, 2015

Make a “water sandwich” by turning on the water for a few seconds, then activate the disposal, run the water for at least ten seconds after turning off the appliance.  This will help ensure all waste makes it to the street. Avoid stringy and fibrous matter, especially celery, corn silk,  and like foods.  It’s not


“NO!  I don’t want a bidet”. (Maybe you do…)

By Dave Judd on Nov 16, 2015

We operate a high end showroom.  And yes, we sell bidets.  I’ve known about them since I first began selling plumbing fixtures decades ago, but I hadn’t ever been a fan.  This was not out of experience in using one, but rather, from lack of knowledge. For years we touted the advantages of owning a

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