Your Water Heater Preferences

By Dave Judd on Oct 10, 2016

You have a lot of control over your water heater. So, do you prefer a higher or lower temperature? Your water heater’s temperature largely determines your utility bill. Home owners who live by themselves or with one other person may choose to set the water heater higher for comfort. You determine your water heater’s temperature, even


Why Is My Water Bill So High?

By Dave Judd on Oct 10, 2016

Not sure why your water bill is suddenly sky-high? There’s a strong possibility your toilet may be the problem as it is the biggest water-waster in nearly every home. Here is one fool-proof way for you to test your toilet: The Food Coloring Test If you look in your toilet bowl and the water seems


Check Your Furnace

By Dave Judd on Oct 07, 2016

Did you know that your annual furnace check requires over 20 steps? Two of the most important steps are to maintain your furnace filter and check for carbon monoxide leaks. Your furnace filter collects dirt and other particles from the air. Once the filter is full, dirt will begin to collect inside your furnace, which causes


Exercise Your Sump Pump

By Dave Judd on Oct 05, 2016

You can take preventative steps to ensure your sump pump’s health. About every month or so, pour a five-gallon bucket of water down your sump pump. Not only does this exercise your pump, but it also lets you know if there are any issues if the pump doesn’t turn on. Because this home test is


Poor Water Pressure

By Dave Judd on Sep 26, 2016

This is a common complaint in our business.  My first question to a client who states they have poor water pressure is:   “Are you finding this everywhere – or just at one fixture, like at a sink only?”  If it’s only at a sink, is it on BOTH the hot and cold?  A lone sink


Five easy tips to keep your home running smoothly and efficiently

By Dave Judd on Jul 06, 2016

1. Get to Know Your Plumbing System – An important first step in maintaining your home plumbing is knowing where your pipes are. AND, If you had an emergency, would everyone who might be home alone know how to shut off all water? It’s a good idea to share your knowledge of where the shut-off


Check That AC!

By Dave Judd on Jun 10, 2016

A key task on your spring checklist is to check your AC. Ensuring your AC is working before the heat of summer hits will maximize its efficiency and avoid costly breakdowns. Here are three steps to take: Replace your furnace filter: your AC uses the same filter as your furnace. A dirty filter will make


Pet Odors SOLVED!

By Dave Judd on May 04, 2016

Recently, I leased a rental property to tenants from hell. By the time I realized the property was not being treated well, significant damage was already done. Unbeknownst to me they had brought in four dogs, four ferrets, and miscellaneous birds and cats. When I finally got my property back I found not only bug


Towel Warmers – You don’t have to be the President’s spouse…

By Dave Judd on Apr 21, 2016

Jackie Kennedy once gave a television tour of a home she had remodeled, and was proud of an item I had never before seen. She had Towel Warmers in her bathrooms. Really? My thinking at the time was “how well-off must you be, to have or to need something like this?” It was years later


Why Wi-Fi? ADVANTAGES of a wi-fi thermostat vs. a programmable ‘stat

By Dave Judd on Feb 24, 2016

Your schedule changes every day. Why shouldn’t your thermostat be just as flexible to accommodate that? If you’re coming home from work earlier than expected, the ability to change your thermostat settings from across town is just a simple touch on your phone.  If you’re feeling hot or cold but don’t want to leave the

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